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Can You Correctly Answer Just One Question From China's Hardest College Test?

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So, China has this very hard, two-day long college entrance exam called the gaokao and, no joke, it is INTENSE AF.

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Depending on how students do on this exam, it can actually determine their entire future life opportunities and "earning potential" in China. There's a belief that those who excel on the test will have the "best careers" and "marriage prospects."

And, to make matters worse, the top universities in China have been known to select as few as only 1 in 50,000 students.

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NBD, right? *Laughs maniacally*

And here's just ONE question from the gaokao to give you a taste of what it's like. Can you get it right?

The actual gaokao also includes notoriously obtuse essay questions.

For example, "Do butterfly wings have colors?"


Or "Who do you admire the most? A biotechnology researcher, a welding engineering technician, or a photographer?"


And, "The containers for milk are always square boxes; containers for mineral water are always round bottles; round wine bottles are usually placed in square boxes. Write a composition on the subtle philosophy of the round and square."


If any of this is giving you a massive headache, you're not alone. Because we tried the test, too, and well, it got confusing:

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In conclusion...


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