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21 Things Everyone Obsessed With CVS Knows To Be True

Hell hath no fury like an expired ExtraBucks reward.

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1. You know of a place so wonderful that it contains just about everything anyone could ever want and now you basically consider it a second home.

10. When you step inside a CVS, you can practically feel the love in the air.

Joseph Zammito / Via

Or is that just the warm breath of the guy standing behind you in the pharmacy line? ::shrug::

16. Even if you have to wait around for a while, there's always some way CVS can keep you entertained.

17. Also, let's not forget how helpful they are when it comes to last-minute birthday reminders.

Alfredo / Via

"Dear Sis, thanks to CVS I remembered to get you this 99 cents card with the picture of a cat on it. Happy Birthday."

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