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    May 21, 2020

    15 Jokes, Struggles, And Truths People With Boobs Will Understand

    Holding your boobs while running down the stairs.

    1. When certain types of pajamas just DON'T work.

    2. When you need the extra support.

    Instagram: @sarapocock for BuzzFeed

    3. When summer really gets going.

    Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

    4. When your bra basically works as a pantry.

    Joanna Borns / BuzzFeed

    5. Or when your bra serves a secondary function.

    6. When you do ~the lean back~ to avoid an awkward moment.

    7. When lying on your back changes everything (especially for people with small boobs).

    8. When you get to experience this WONDERFUL moment...

    9. ...particularly at the end of a long day.

    10. When shopping for a new bra is the WORST.

    11. And when actually trying them on feels like an eternal mess.

    12. When strapless bras prove 1000% pointless.

    13. When your sports bra basically feels like a trap.

    Instagram: @sarapocock for BuzzFeed

    14. When you're having a good cleavage day.

    15. And finally, when you come to this realization.

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