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21 Spoiled Cats Who Have A Better Life Than You

Serious cat-titude.

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1. This lucky lad who has a better view from his house than most of us ever will.

2. This relaxed rascal who gets free massages without even asking.

3. This birthday boy who's having a Pinterest-worthy party.

4. This spoiled sleeper who gets the bed all to himself.

5. This on-the-go girl who only travels in style (and safety).

6. This lil' guy whose hardest decision in life is which toy to play with next.

7. This frilly feline whose dinner is fancier than most people's weeknight meals.

8. This casual tomcat who has his very own home gym.

9. This cozy kitty who gets to enjoy the summer sun in her own private hammock.

10. This king and his castle that takes up most of the space in the living room.

11. This lounging lad who has his own custom-sized sofa.

12. This high-rise kitty who can literally look down on the world.

13. This adventurous cat who has his own private route through the house.

14. This pampered persian who expects to be bathed by his "staff."

15. These lucky kitties who get a new round of goodies each month.

16. This happy chappie who has his very own mini-me.

17. This super-chill cat who enjoys a deep-tissue massage every now and then.

18. This furry fashionista who has more bling than her owner.

19. This bengal babe getting a quick manicure in between naps.

20. This royal ragdoll on her "throne" that's prettier than any Ikea bed.

21. And this lil' lady who gets a daily reminder of how good she has it.

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