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People Shared The Innocently Dumb Things Their Boyfriends Did In 2021, And I'm Laughing At All Of These

*Deep sigh*

1. This boyfriend who misunderstood the assignment:

2. And this boyfriend who'll need to work on his skills for 2022:

3. This one too:

4. This boyfriend who REALLY tried:

My boyfriend attempted to braid my hair and it's not so bad πŸ˜€

Twitter: @Yoshislilsis1

5. This boyfriend who thought he made sense, but didn't:

6. This boyfriend whose joke backfired:

my boyfriend attempted to make a β€œur mom” joke last night and ended up saying β€œmy mom” either way, that shit was funny and idc how it went

Twitter: @holycannolicat

7. This boyfriend who...sigh, IDK:

8. This boyfriend who is low-key a monster:

A jar of peanut butter where the paper liner is still mostly on and someone only ripped part of it off

9. This boyfriend who completely blew it:

My boyfriend attempted to clean the litter box today, so, he brought it outside, and left it there. And now I come home and the cat has both pissed and shit on my bed.

Twitter: @mahhdee2

10. This boyfriend who avoided a disaster (barely):

11. This boyfriend who decided to be a comedian at not the best time:

12. This boyfriend who isn't so handy around the house:

So my boyfriend tried to fix our light and now it looks like this πŸ€”

Twitter: @twxxpk

13. This boyfriend who was and then quickly wasn't on the same wavelength:

14. This boyfriend who got the karma he deserved:

My boyfriend tried to tip my drink while I was drinking water and this was the result. On HIS pants.

Twitter: @TheChaosSpirit

15. This boyfriend who apparently didn't realize that his comments were free for all to view:

my boyfriend tried to be funny & my mom got a notification lmaooo kms

16. This boyfriend who thought he was being REAL funny:

17. This boyfriend who hid the remote without even knowing:

18. This boyfriend who HAS to be trolling his partner:

19. This boyfriend who made a small mess much, much bigger:

My boyfriend tried to wipe a small mark off the wall and now we have the 4ft head of a haunted old man crying next to our bed.

Twitter: @fairycakes

20. This boyfriend who was overly confident about his tea-making skills:

my boyfriend tried to make me tea

Twitter: @sigmakIim

21. This boyfriend who attempted to make his first pot of coffee:

22. This boyfriend who was supposed to give the dog JUST a trim:

23. And finally, this boyfriend who is either the worst or the best interior decorator:

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