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    The Same Actor Played Charles Manson In "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" And "Mindhunter"

    Summer of Manson.

    In case you haven't tuned into it yet, there's a really fascinating show on Netflix called Mindhunter.


    It's set in the late '70s (and now into the early '80s in Season 2) and follows the formation of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit. As part of the show's premise, the heroes go around the country to different prisons interviewing infamous serial killers, trying to "understand" how they think with the hopes of catching serial killers still on the loose. It's basically true crime fans' Marvel Universe.

    And one of the most famous serial killers that the main characters interview on Mindhunter is Charles Manson.


    I know, technically, Manson did not kill anyone with his own bare hands, but he was sentenced to death (later commuted to life in prison) for being the mastermind behind the notorious Tate and LaBianca murders that his followers carried out.

    Manson is played by Damon Herriman on Mindhunter and here's how he looks compared to the real-life cult leader:

    NBC / Netflix

    Real on the left, actor on the right.

    Now, what some of you may not have realized is that Herriman ALSO played Charles Manson in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood film earlier this year!

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    Of course, the portrayal in OUATIH is meant to be a younger, pre-prison Manson.

    A side by side for ~science~:

    Sony Pictures Releasing, Netflix

    Fans who caught this role reprisal really loved Herriman's double creepy vibes:

    the same actor that played Charles Manson in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is playing him in Mindhunter and it’s the most spot-on portrayal I’ve ever seen of him. like, it’s almost fucking creepy.

    Dude, Damon Herriman ........ this dude is a phenomenal actor his portayal as Charles Manson in Mindhunter and once upon a time in hollywood is incredible he is spot on definitely watch mindhunter if you haven’t seen it yet

    So the actor who played Charles Manson in Mindhunter Season 2 is the same actor who played Manson in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

    And some even came to some, uh, ~wild~ revisionist history conclusions:

    The same actor plays Charles Manson in MINDHUNTER & ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. Which means MINDHUNTER happens inside the Quentin Tarantino universe & so in the MINDHUNTER timeline Adolph Hitler was killer by the Inglourious Basterds & Sharon Tate is still alive.

    For the record, here's what Damon Herriman looks like in real life, sans the Manson makeup:

    James Gourley / Getty Images

    And you might think he's afraid of being "typecast" as such a creepy historical figure, but speaking to Entertainment Weekly he said, "I’m not complaining because, obviously, it was an opportunity to work with two of the greatest filmmakers of their generation. So, I’m way happier than I am weirded out."

    So, hey, if Hollywood wants to make a movie about another era of Manson I think we've got just the guy for you.