17 Cats Who Are Clearly Just Lions

    King of the house jungle.

    1. This cat who's got something to say:

    2. This cat with a mismatched mane:

    3. This silent stalker:

    4. And this king in the trees:

    5. This lil' guy whose mane needs a trim:

    6. This furry red head whose got an eye on you.

    7. This guy with a homemade mane:

    8. And this even more homemade mane:

    9. This cat who's mane makes her look a bit more like a mouse:

    10. And this cat whose mane actually stands out more than her spots:

    11. This guy whose mane got a little fried:

    12. And this cat whose look includes another face:

    13. This dark-maned beauty whose lookin' a little top heavy:

    14. And this little lion wannabe who's ready to make the kill:

    15. This lion-in-disguise who'll be as warm as his daddy:

    16. This cat whose motto is: "there's no such thing as too much:"

    17. And this cat lion who's clearly the king of the toy jungle: