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13 Candy Hearts For People Who Have Been In A Relationship Longer Than 5 Years

*Hands over a "Cleaned your hair from the drain" candy heart*

1. When you want to remind your partner they basically live with a hero:

2. When your intimacy level reaches the next phase:

3. When you could use a helping hand for those hard-to-reach areas:

4. When you're willing to do a lot for love:

5. When you can read your significant other's mind:

6. When you finally decide to make this sacrifice:

7. When you're settled on the sofa and can't (don't really want to) get up:

8. When you guys forgot to buy that lamp...and that rug, and that side table, and oh, hey, look — a cool mirror!

9. When you plan a romantic Friday night in:

10. When — you won't be mad — you really just want to know:

11. When the episode is only five minutes in, but you wait anyway BECAUSE LOVE:

12. When you want to make sure your partner knows you get first dibs:

13. And finally, when you want to share this magic moment: