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    16 Brilliantly Cheesy Ways Couples Say "I Love You"

    Roses are red, violets are blue, how do you say "I love you?"

    1. With a message that spans the globe.

    2. With fruity puns.

    3. With a specially programmed video game.

    4. With a flip book to flip out over.

    5. With a simply sweet sidewalk chalk mark.

    6. With a game of 52 Card Pickup.

    7. With a series of supportive letters.

    8. With shirts that complete each others' sentences.

    9. With a wildly wired light.

    10. With creative custom cookies.

    11. With a bouquet that could change your life.

    12. With a "magical" bouquet.

    13. With a teeny-tiny message.

    14. With a super sweet tackle box.

    15. With a heart-filling message.

    16. And finally, with actual cheese.

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