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    Brad Pitt's Shirtless Scene In "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" Is Making People Audibly Gasp

    "Brad Pitt in 1991 vs. Brad Pitt in 2019 is peak 'I'll have what he's having.'"

    In case you hadn't heard, Quentin Tarantino's 9th film — Once Upon a Time in Hollywood — just came out this weekend.

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    The film is centered around has-been actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), and the infamous Tate murders.

    And while people will probably be saying all KINDS of things about the movie in general, we need to specifically talk about the soon-to-be-iconic scene of Brad Pitt taking off his shirt because it is *Italian Chef Kiss*.

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    For context (*mild spoilers*), Brad hops up on Leo's roof to fix his antenna and, because of the ~hot~ SoCal sun, he pulls off his shirts. Still shirtless, he takes a moment to listen to music coming from the neighbor's house (the Tates), and then makes us all wish we still had antennas that could be broken and need fixing.

    For a reminder, folks, Brad is 55. FIFTY-FIVE.

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    And if you'd told me this was a 25-year-old man we were looking at here I would have believed you.

    Now, obviously, Brad is no stranger to showing off his insane physique. In fact, this whole scene gave me intense Thelma & Louise flashbacks. A side-by-side for funsies:

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    There's a reason he's been voted Sexiest Man Alive TWICE.

    And I'm definitely not the only one who mildly gasped during this scene. CASE IN POINT:

    brad pitt knew good and damn well he didn’t have to take his shirt off to fix that antenna. but he did that for us

    saw once upon a time hollywood and the entire theater inhaled sharply as it was revealed that brad pitt still got it

    Feeling so sad tonight for all the 55-year-old men who saw Once Upon A Time in... Hollywood tonight and eyeballed 55-year-old Brad Pitt and then had to like, try and fuck their wives

    Brad Pitt in 1991 vs. Brad Pitt in 2019 is peak "I'll have what he's having"

    Many of you will probably be like, "Yeah, well, it's ~easy~ when you have trainers and personal chefs, etc." But I don't really care how he did it. The fact of the matter is Brad looks good. DAMN good.

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    And yes, Brad was also really great in the movie, so, ya know...shirtlessness aside, this is a two thumbs-up, highly recommend situation.

    In closing: 2019 Brad Pitt can still very much get it.

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