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17 Husbands And Boyfriends Who Are Competing For The "Jerk Of The Year" Award

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1. This boyfriend who commemorated his S.O.'s first fart in front of him with THIS.

mindspread / Via


2. This boyfriend who got very creative...or was just really bored.

This is how my boy friend "took care of me" when I got blacked out lol

LOL, "safety first."

3. The husband who made this label that his wife hasn't noticed yet.

JimmyLegs50 / Via

Oh-so clever...or should I say, CLABBER.

4. The boyfriend who scared his S.O. with this creepy clown mask not once but FOUR different times.


5. This boyfriend who really has an ~eye~ for fashion.

Thought I looked cute as hell today and my boyfriend told me I look like Pinhead Larry


6. This boyfriend who got his partner the 3-carat ring she asked for.

vbpatel / Via


7. This serious Game of Thrones fan whose girlfriend let him decorate the bathroom.

brianito / Via

Funny, TBH.

8. This husband who just COULDN'T resist "writing" on the new pillows his wife bought.

____DEADPOOL_______ / Via

Great. Just great.

9. This husband who told his wife he left a present for her on her pillow.

Orange_Ya_Glad / Via

Wow, rude.

10. The boyfriend who gave his girlfriend a very sweet back massage, then sent her a photo of what he ACTUALLY did.

zombiewafflezz / Via

You are what you draw?

11. The husband who added this finishing touch to his wife's body pillow.

the_true_tara / Via

I wouldn't complain.

12. This boyfriend who brought his S.O. a bowl of chips and...yeah, no.

britwent / Via Instagram: @britwent

::side-eye emoji::

13. This boyfriend who isn't wrong, but is definitely IN the wrong.

tegdirbm / Via

::sighs deeply::

14. This husband who made his first dad joke when his pregnant wife said she wanted a toasty shower.

Welcome to a whole new world, mama.

15. This boyfriend who made the spongecake that his girlfriend asked for.

zphantom / Via


16. This boyfriend who used algebra to settle a fight with his girlfriend in the geekiest way possible.

My bf and I were fighting then he says this smh I’m tired of him

FYI, "pemdas" is an acronym for the process of solving math problems: parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

17. And finally, this boyfriend who got his GF the golden retriever she wanted for her birthday.

maddipotter28 / Via

Hardee har-har.