17 Times Bill Skarsgård Was So Effing Perfect You Were Like "OMG, I Love IT!"

    You'll swoon too!

    1. When it felt like he was staring RIGHT into your soul...and you LOVED it.

    2. When you realized he was related to the dream that is Alexander and has...um...SEVEN siblings total (six of them being brothers)!

    3. When he hung around, shirtless, just chilling with a creepy clown.

    4. When he was worried he was possibly traumatizing the kids in IT...

    ...but when he checked if Jack Grazer (who played "Eddie," the hypochondriac) was okay, Jack responded:

    5. When he STILL looked good even with his throat ~ripped to shreds~.

    6. When he had the best response to gaining a reputation as "the hot clown."

    7. When he made this cute #TBT video from his Hemlock Grove days,

    8. When he served ALL the looks during his Esquire photo shoot.

    Yes, yes, and yes!

    9. When he shared this super cute photo with his fellow IT stars.

    10. When he got all ~dark and moody~ behind the scenes.

    11. When he carried a stuffed animal and you were like, "Wish that was me."

    12. When he embraced his inner-Pennywise while out of costume and was still adorable.

    13. When he played a silly song in an even more silly voice.

    14. When he looked hot AF while acting like a goof...

    15. ...or simply slicking back his hair.

    16. When he shared this photo and you thought, "Just enough room for me to crawl in right next to him."

    17. And finally, when he showed off that crazy Pennywise smile IRL and you thought, "OMG!" Then, "I'd still do him."