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17 Times Bill Skarsgård Was So Effing Perfect You Were Like "OMG, I Love IT!"

You'll swoon too!

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2. When you realized he was related to the dream that is Alexander and siblings total (six of them being brothers)!

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

For the record they are: Alexander (on the right), Gustaf (on the left), Valter, Eija, Sam, Ossian, and Kolbjörn.


7. When he made this cute #TBT video from his Hemlock Grove days,

@billskarsgard_ / Via

What a jokester.


8. When he served ALL the looks during his Esquire photo shoot.

Yes, yes, and yes!

10. When he got all ~dark and moody~ behind the scenes.

@billskarsgard_ / Via

BTW, is that Alexander talking to him? Kinda sounds like it.


13. When he played a silly song in an even more silly voice.

@billskarsgard_ / Via

Would happily listen to this on repeat.

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