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15 Big Questions We Have About The "Last Jedi" Trailer

Will there be an opening crawl?!?!

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Guys, the first trailer for The Last Jedi premiered today at Star Wars Celebration, and booooy does it look damn good. In case you missed it, here it is:

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But we have SEVERAL questions and December is a long time to wait for them to be answered.

2. Are these the Journals of the Whills?!?!


As briefly mentioned in Rogue One, Baze and Chirrut were once Guardians of the Whills – now, the Whills, for those who don't know, are these kind of ~mystical~ beings who were deeply tied to the Force. And in Star Wars lore, The Journal of the Whills was a legendary record of events in the galaxy. could be?! They look old.


13. Does Rey actually get to keep Luke/Anakin's lightsaber?!


We saw her try to hand it to Luke at the end of The Force Awakens, so does he refuse? Maybe he still has his green one from Jedi and/or he feels it doesn't belong to him anymore.