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    17 Things That Are 100% True If You Weren't Cool In School

    "Weirdos rule the world."

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    1. You were almost always "that friend."

    2. You had interests that were obviously better than everybody else's.

    3. You felt invisible 99.9% of the day.

    4. Except for the .01% of the day when people thirsted for your homework.

    5. Your ~alone time~ wasn't exactly voluntary.

    6. You were struck with fear every time you heard the words "group project."

    7. And never got the attention you truly deserved when it came to PE.

    8. You had a hard time explaining your sense of humor to others.

    9. And your definition of "fun" wasn't always the same as everyone else's.

    10. You took conversations to places no on ever asked for.

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    11. You would usually be the first to finish any exam, but were way too nervous to be the first one up.

    12. You didn't quite take social cues when it was most important.

    13. Your playlist consisted of everything BUT top 40 jams.

    14. You cursed the monster that ever invented ice breakers.

    #growingupshy "okay class, we're going to go around the room and your going to tell us your name and something inte…

    15. You always knew better and had to let everybody know.

    16. You sometimes wondered what life would be like if you were one of the "cool kids."

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    17. But then quickly realized that being cool is actually vastly overrated.

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