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    Posted on Apr 28, 2017

    A Fan Made A “Back To The Future Part IV” Trailer And It’s Fucking Brilliant

    Where we're going we don't need...sequels?

    OK, so let's just be clear that the idea of there ACTUALLY being a Back to the Future Part IV is complete B.S. – because the trilogy is perfect as it exists and let's not ruin anymore iconic franchises, OK Hollywood?


    That being said, this fanmade BTTF Part IV trailer is, admittedly, pretty good. Like, so good that if I hadn't told you it's fake you might think it's real:

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    We get to see the Time Machine make an eerie, but exciting entrance in a candid smartphone video.

    Smasher / Via

    And, of course, there's the grand return of two of film history's greatest heroes, Doc Brown...

    Smasher / Via

    ...and a pair of Nike shoes. JUST kidding...

    Smasher / Via

    ...Marty McFly, DUH!

    Smasher / Via

    The trailer was made by video editor Rob Long who has cut together a TON of fan trailers in the past.


    And all the footage in his BTTF Part IV trailer has been spliced together from a bunch of recent commercials like Garbarino's electronics in Argentina (for the DeLorean ~phone~ footage), Lego Dimensons (for the Doc Brown "Great Scott!" bit), and many more.

    And I have to admit he did a pretty great job pulling it altogether for what looks like a legit trailer – although, let's just leave it at that... JUST a trailer, ok? Thanks!


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