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    LOL Baby Yoda's Cookies From "The Mandalorian" Are Available In Real Life


    If you're all caught up on The Mandalorian, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say "space macaron." Literally, I don't think this needs much of an introduction, just this wonderful reminder GIF:

    Yes, that's Baby Yoda (The Child, if you wanna be official) nibbling on a bright blue space macaron (official Star Wars name TBD) that he stole from some kid by using the Force.

    ANYWAY, it's probably no surprise to anyone that fans L-O-V-E-D this moment:

    May this picture of baby yoda eating a space macaron be a blessing upon your twitter feed

    baby yoda in paris, eating a macaron. #TheMandalorian

    the way baby yoda looks straight ahead like nothing happened after blatantly stealing that kids cookies (not to mention eating the forbidden boba of frog babies) is pure chaotic evil shit and i am here for it #TheMandalorian

    And NOW, you can actually get your hands on some of your very own Baby Yoda cookies from Williams Sonoma IRL (they're calling them Nevarro Nummies, for the record):

    Blue macarons from Williams Sonoma

    Now, fair warning, these cookies are not exactly cheap. At $49.95 for a box of 12 cookies, they're as valuable as a brick of Mandalorian beskar.

    But if you can't resist them any better than Baby Yoda could, you can get your very own Nevarro Nummies from Williams Sonoma's site.

    Just be sure not to go on any crazy rides immediately after eating, or else, you know...