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    17 Images That Perfectly Sum Up Life In Really, Really Cold Weather

    Baby it's cold outside...yeah, no shit.

    1. What your version of "helping" shovel the driveway looked like:

    Instagram: @dweink

    :: immediately turns into a snow fort ::

    2. How true you knew this was:

    3. Why your parents were always so concerned with your winter attire:

    Instagram: @marenkelliott

    Me: 😭

    Mom: "I told you to wear warmer socks and shoes."

    4. What every morning looked like:

    Instagram: @carmeotoo

    "Guess it's officially winter."

    5. Knowing toilet seats were the worst:



    6. This cat, who was basically you:


    7. Worrying an icicle might impale you...

    Instagram: @momcat133

    The fear was real.

    8. ...or wondering if you could actually impale someone else:

    Instagram: @bryguy.7

    Ice spear, anyone?

    9. What your hair looked like pretty much every day:

    Instagram: @emmett_themorkie

    :: decides to leave hat on all day ::

    10. Knowing snow really isn't that pretty:

    Instagram: @ladylyzanne

    Like, maybe for two seconds, but then...yeah.

    11. Having to deal with this:

    Instagram: @agirlwhorides

    :: buys lifetime supply of Vaseline ::

    12. Why waiting for the school bus was basically torture:

    Instagram: @ancowiperblades

    "Frozen jeans anyone?"

    13. What happened when you accidentally left your things outside:

    14. Going to odd lengths just to get warm:

    Instagram: @m.wynot


    15. Having to actually get out of your car to step over the snow piles at the drive-thru:

    Instagram: @dacosta58

    "I'll have a number two with a snow shovel please, thanks."

    16. Constantly getting this classic bit of advice:

    Instagram: @andyv1331

    From literally everyone.

    17. And finally, knowing you were never alone in your winter struggles:

    Instagram: @whoadie22

    "You and me both, squirrel."

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