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    Here Are The Best Times To Go To The Bathroom During "Avengers: Endgame"

    Not everyone's bladder can survive the snap.

    Hello Marvel fans! Before we get going here, I want to be very clear that this post contains MILD SPOILERS. So, if you want to go into Avengers: Endgame as pure as Peter Parker...

    Here's how it works: Because I don't expect anyone to be timing the movie (PUT YOUR PHONES AWAY), I'm just going to tell you which scenes are the most ideal to go and pee after. I'm also going to quickly fill you in with what you missed — just like your BFF would!

    Best time to pee #1: After Iron Man and Nebula get some help.

    Best time to pee #2: After the first scene with Thanos.

    Best time to pee #3: After Tony figures out how to make an "impossible" theory come true.

    Best time to pee #4: After it's discovered that there's a glitch with Nebula's cybernetic parts, in particular her memory projector.

    Best time to pee #5: After Nebula does her little switcheroo.

    And that's it! Because, TBH, you'll want to stick around for the last hour or so of the movie.