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This Detail Proves That A Popular Fan Theory About Arya And Cersei Might Be Right

Arya's list just got rewritten.

Hello Game of Thrones fans; before we get going, let's state the obvious: SPOILERS AHEAD! So if you haven't watched Episode 3, "The Long Night," yet...


And bookmark this for later.

For the rest of you: Let's talk about our lord and savior Arya Stark, first of her name, Queen of the North, and the fucking Slayer of the Night King!

Arya of House Stark. First of her name. Changer of Faces. Avenger of the Red Wedding. Slayer of Night King. Protector of Realm. #GameofThrones #AryaStark

As you might recall — before she accomplished in one minute what Jon Snow couldn't in several seasons — Arya said to Melisandre, "You said I'd shut many eyes forever." To which the Red Witch responded:


In fact, it's something Melisandre first told Arya waaaay the heck back in Season 3, Episode 6, "The Climb."


And after Arya killed the Night King in tonight's episode, fans have picked up on this VERY INTERESTING detail about Melisandre's prophecy, because it could prove how Cersei might die:

Red woman helped Arya Stark redefine her list #BattleOfWinterfell #GameOfThrones

Brown eyes. Lord Frey. Blue eyes. Night King. Green eyes. Cersei Lannister. #DemThrones #GameOfThrones

Walder Frey had brown eyes, The night king had blue eyes.. and cercei has green eyes #GameofThrones

Although there is room to argue about who "brown eyes" was referring to (honestly, could be like 100 people):

Meryn Trant had brown eyes, the #NightKing had blue eyes, #Cersei has green eyes 👀 #GamefThrones

But the bottom line is CERSEI HAS GREEN EYES.

She’s coming for you Green Eyes ⚔️🗡#BattleForWinterfell #GameofThrones

And just in case you need the receipt, here's a description from the book, A Game of Thrones:

Bantam Books

Better watch out, Cersei, NO ONE is coming for you.

I want to see Arya wearing Jamie's face, then killing Cersei. #GameofThrones

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