Not To Shock You, But This Is What Genie From "Aladdin" Almost Looked Like

    It really BLUE my mind.

    It goes without saying that Aladdin would be nothing without Genie.

    And while you're probably MORE than familiar with his iconic, blue, appearance, it turns out he looked A LOT different originally.

    In a recent interview with Oh My Disney, actor Jonathan Freeman (the original voice of Jafar) said that "the Genie was not always blue." And, fair warning, the concept art will make you say, "WHAT?!"

    Why are Aladdin and Jasmine in Genie's belly?!

    Freeman further explained,

    I had forgotten about it and I recently saw an old piece of footage of me working in the studio and I'm actually doing a scene where I'm talking about, 'you big green boob' or something like that. And you see Ron Clements (one of the film's directors) walk into the frame, sort of quietly, taps me on the shoulder, and says, 'he's not green anymore, by the way, he's blue.'

    IDK, I personally like to think if the Genie WERE going to be green maybe he would've looked more like this?

    And you can watch the interview with Jonathan Freeman here to learn even more about his experiences on Aladdin (like the fact that he also almost voiced Iago, too!).

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