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15 Period Problems As Told By Animals

That's one angry pussy.

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1. When it feels like your uterus is just repeatedly punching itself:

2. When you fart and it bubbles:

3. Or when you sneeze and it feels like your pad just overflowed:

4. When you just feel chubby and angry in general:

5. When you see CHUNKS of blood float towards the drain during a shower:

6. When you start crying for literally no reason:

7. When your period is a day late and you immediately think, “AM I PREGNANT?”

8. …even if you’re not sexually active.

9. When someone in the bathroom asks if you have a spare tampon:

10. When your cramps turn the dial up to "11":

11. When you think your period has ended, so you don't wear a tampon/pad and then it COMES BACK WITH A VENGEANCE:

12. When you accidentally clog the toilet because you had to use almost an entire roll of toilet paper to clean yourself:

13. When you take a small bag with you to the bathroom and someone is like, "Why are you carrying that?":

14. When you have to wash the blood out from your sheets:

15. And finally, when – for the life of you – you just can't find that damn tampon string:

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