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    16 "American Foods" From European Grocery Stores That Are Embarrassing If You're American

    Marshmallows. Lots and lots of marshmallows. Oh, and fake cheese.

    1. This "pizzaburger''

    My sister sent a picture from the "American Food" section in a grocery store in Switzerland.

    Twitter: @KellyShmo

    But is it a pizza, burger, or hot dog?!

    2. These teeny tiny hamburger cookies:

    What I bought today in the „american“ section in our supermarket #fascinathings

    Twitter: @fascinathings

    The question is: Are they sweet or are they salty? (Or both????)

    3. This "hot dog style" stuffed crust pizza:

    Twitter: @Quarkitty

    Note: also comes in "BBQ pulled pork" style.

    4. This "American style" snack box of mozzarella sticks, chili cheese nuggets, onion rings, and chili dip:

    Twitter: @Quarkitty

    Chili dip. Hmmmmmm.

    5. And these "chili-cheese" Schnitzel-tasche:

    Twitter: @Quarkitty

    "Tasche" translates to "bag" in basically a chili-cheese Hot Pocket.

    6. This big ol' tub of popcorn:

    I am an American living in Germany. My grocery store currently has a temporary “American food” section. Join me for a tour of what Germans think Americans eat.

    Twitter: @erik_kaars

    You can use the pail to make American sandcastles later!

    7. These "American Style" hot dogs:

    From the "American Food" section in France from funny

    Courtesy of Ye Olde Oak.

    8. This "sandwich sauce" in a ketchup-like squeeze bottle:

    An “American” style sandwich sauce in an Italian grocery store from mildlyinteresting

    Complete with the Statue of Liberty imagery, too.

    9. These "Rocky Mountain" mini marshmallows:

    Found these in the specialty section of the local marché. "A True American Tradition"

    Twitter: @TheRielJVL

    "A true American tradition."

    10. Or these "Giant American Style" toastin' marshmallows:

    Twitter: @pervocracy

    "XXXX Large!!"

    11. So. Many. Marshmallows!

    Twitter: @SolomonPastor3

    Is this really what you think of us, Europe?

    12. These generic boxes of mac & cheese:

    Twitter: @chloerophyll_a

    Not even Kraft brand *sad face*.

    13. These "XXL" hamburger buns:

    Twitter: @DjionRandon

    Everything's bigger in Texas, or just America.

    14. A shit ton of Arizona iced teas:

    Twitter: @DjionRandon

    Ah, yes, the national beverage of the US.

    15. This complete wall of condiments.

    Twitter: @anarchymarie

    I literally don't think there are this many Heinz sauces in my local actual American grocery store.

    16. And finally, literally everything happening in this "American Section":

    This is the American food section in Germany and I've never been more embarrassed

    Twitter: @anoelocin