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    This Hilarious Photo Adele Shared For Her 29th Birthday Is So Perfectly Extra


    The angel-voiced goddess that is Adele turns 29 today –Altogether now: "Happy Birthday, Adele!!!"


    And because she is no mere mortal, the talented chanteuse marked this special occasion by unveiling a very, er, interesting ~look~ on Instagram. And it will have you saying, "WHOA, WTF, WAIT...WHAT'S HAPPENING?!"

    She added the comment, "Nearly 30! Thanks for the well wishes. See you soon x!"

    Now, clearly Adele is wearing some (very good) old age prosthetic makeup in these photos.

    But like...what is actually GOING ON? Is she doing this just for fun? Is she getting ready for a wacky birthday party later tonight? Or is this something completely unrelated to her birthday?

    Rolling in the AARP.

    Whatever it is, it looks like she's having fun – and you can't ask for much more than that on your birthday, right?

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    Love this, love her.

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