People Shared "One In A Billion" Moments They Actually Caught A Picture Of, And They Are W-I-L-D

If you've never seen the inside of a penguin's mouth, a hotel phone with "pizza" on speed dial, or an apple with two stems, well, you're in for a treat.

Have you ever experienced a really cool "one in a million" moment that you wanted to share with the world? Well, many people on Reddit have, and lucky for all of us, they happened to have a camera on hand when it happened, too. Check it out:

1. Like this truly WILD photo of the inside of a penguin's mouth, as it was "attacking," which looks scarier than any horror movie I've seen in a long time.

the inside of a penguin's mouth revealing many rows of sharp teeth

2. This image of a HECK of a ton of bees on a plane wing. According to the Reddit user who shared the pic, "Picture was taken by my dad after landing at Houston airport. The outgoing flight was delayed for 'bee removal.' Quote from my dad, 'I’ve been flying planes for 35 years, I've delayed a lot of flights for a bunch of reasons, but bees is a first.'"

the wing of a plane where thousands of bees are on it

3. This person who went into Panda Express for some orange chicken, but came out with a copy of the restaurant's daily sales report instead. Apparently, the restaurant printed it out by accident and gave it to them with their receipt. 🤷🏻‍♀️

A long receipt with time frames throughout the day showing thousands of dollars earned

4. This person who wanted to share a photo of their VERY unique ability to grip things "backwards."

a person holding a water bottle with the backside of their hand, their fingers bending backwards

5. This person who discovered one of their teeth has just one big, single root instead of four smaller ones after having it removed. They later explained, "I just had this one pulled. The x-rays confirmed that almost half my teeth look like that."

A tooth with just one large root

6. This person's cat who came home with a crayfish claw clamped to her paw and could probably tell a very, very, very interesting story about how it all happened. The cat, probably: "You’re not gonna believe the day I had…"

a cat with a torn off crayfish claw pinched to it

7. This image of a gravestone that's shared by twin sisters: one who lived for just two days, and the other for 101 years.

a tombstone that says Emily  Dodsworth nov 10-12, 1910 and Minnie Dodsworth 1910-2011

8. This person who noticed that the hotel they were staying in actually has "pizza" on speed dial. In case you're wondering, it turns out the call goes to Papa John's.

a hotel phone with a button that says pizza and a logo of a pizza slice above it

9. This WHOLE POTATO someone found inside their bag of potato chips, which NGL, I would probably taste because I have no self-control.

a small, whole potato thats burned

And here's what the inside of that potato looks like in case you were curious (I WAS!):

10. This tree that's growing over a sign but under the sign's lettering. And in case you think the letters were just painted over the bark, according to another Reddit user, "The sign is a film sheet pasted onto aluminum. The bark can, in fact, grow under the film and over the aluminum in certain circumstances."

A tree growing over a sign

11. This only red, full rainbow someone saw at midnight when they were in Finland. Apparently, red rainbows happen when the sun is on the horizon.

A red rainbow

12. This person who cut into their egg and was quite shocked to discover it had no yolk. Apparently, this kind of egg has many different nicknames including "fart egg."

An egg with no yolk

13. This hotel staircase that just continues to go straight forward (13 floors) instead of wrapping around, like most multiple level buildings, and honestly, is kinda creepy-looking.

A very long staircase

14. This person's fish who has a hole through its whole body, but seems to be functioning perfectly fine regardless. According to the owner, "100% fine!! Eating and swimming. He has been like this for almost a year now."

A fish with a hole in its body

15. This person's Scrub Daddy sponge that's missing an eye and prompted another Reddit user to make the joke, "Daddy's winking at you. ;)"

A Scrub Daddy

16. This person who found what looks like a silhouette of a Disney Princess in their ice cube, which gives new meaning to "Disney on Ice."

Closeup of an ice cube

17. This person's laundry pod that's actually missing the detergent. (At least now, kids won't be trying to eat it for a ridiculous, and idiotically dangerous, "challenge.")

a plastic laundry pod that is empty inside, just filled with air

18. This person who inherited their grandma's sewing supplies, then realized they had actually bought the exact same buttons that her grandma did over 35 years ago. Wholesome and rare!

a set of bunny-shaped buttons that are old and then a set that are the same buttons but new

19. This picture of an old golf ball that was discovered wedged inside this tree only after it had been cut down. (Also, what are the odds that the tree was cut in JUST the right spot to reveal this!)

A ball lodged into a cut down tree

20. This pic someone took of a slug that had crawled ALLLL the way up their leg without them noticing.

a woman wearing leggings with a long slimy slug trail going all the way up to her thigh

21. This abnormally thick Dorito someone found in an otherwise normal packet, which apparently almost broke their tooth when they tried biting into it!

a thick dorrito that looks like garlic bread next to a regular one which is much thinner

22. This apple that has two stems in it which raised many questions from other Reddit users like, "Does it then have core running in both directions? Would the seeds be dispersed surrounding just the center or both ways?"

An apple with two stems

23. And this person who has a tree in their neighborhood that has just one branch of an apple tree while the rest is a "normal" tree.

One apple branch on a normal tree

24. This cat's fur which appears to have the word "NO" circled in its pattern, which is a very cat thing to have.

No on a cat's fur

25. This potato that is so freakin' big that it's actually the size of this person's forearm.

Two large potatoes next to a person's arm

26. This precious moment someone caught of a cute bird that landed on their shirt and then fell asleep.

a small bird clung to a button up shirt, just resting

27. This spider someone found imbedded in a piece of split wood.

A spider embedded in wood

28. This person who caught this "glitch in the Matrix" moment when they realized these three girls sitting in the same row were wearing the same color sweater and had the same colored hair:

Three girls wearing the same color in music class

29. This person's all-black cat who gave birth to five all-white kittens.

Kittens with their mother

30. The way this person's leggings, which have quite a unique pattern, matched the chair at their vacation rental perfectly.

Someone's leggings matching a chair

31. This penny someone found that had rolled around in a dryer baffle for so long that it actually lost its copper plating.

A colorless penny

32. And this zinc-coated steel penny, which according to one Reddit user, "were produced in 1943, during World War 2, when copper was in short supply. Not terribly valuable, but a neat coin."

A copperless penny

33. This epic nest a bird (or multiple birds) built inside someone's grill while it was still closed.

A nest in a BBQ grill

34. The way this person's countertop actually matches their chip so perfectly, it's hard to see. (Not to mention it matches the chip better than the picture on the bag!)

a nacho chip sitting on a counter, the seasonings making it blend in perfectly with the granite counter top pattern

35. This looped piece of dry spaghetti someone found in their brand new package.

A looped piece of spaghetti

36. This person who went to the beach and found a shell with barnacles on it that makes it look like an anatomically correct heart.

A shell in the shape of a heart

37. This alligator, named Bob, that was born without a tail, and basically has a little "bum" in its place.

An alligator with no tail

38. This person who accidentally squished their glasses into their eyeball, which then captured a perfect imprint of their eye, including the cornea. OP explained, "Actually more shocking than painful. I think the concave glass made it less painful than other eye impacts I've had."

Someone's eye engrained on their glasses

39. This very unique toilet paper roll that has two cardboard tubes in it, which kinda makes it look like the roll is yawning, LOL.

A toilet paper roll with two cardboard inserts

40. This dried Gorilla glue that was so perfectly solidified it retained the bottle shape after being cut out of the packaging.

Gorilla glue in the shape of the bottle it came in

41. This person who did their ~civic~ duty and shared this image of four Honda Civics, from four different generations, lined up in order of age and all in white.

A bunch of Hondas

42. This image of the bubbles at the bottom of a person's glass that appears to have some kind of writing or script on it. According to one of the Reddit commenters, "It's possible the company that made the drink etched out a bit at the bottom to create more sites where the bubbles could form."

Bubbles in a drink

43. The way the light is hitting this spiderweb and making it look like a CD.

A round disc-shaped spider web stuck up high in some trees

44. This perfect salt crystal someone found in their sea salt packet.

a salt crystal that's very square and the size of a human finger tip

45. This person who found a stone with dried seaweed attached to it, which honestly just looks like really nice art.

a small stone in someone's hands that has branch-like patterning from seaweed stuck to it

46. This image of a weed plant growing out of the concrete, thus creating a ~pot hole~.

Marijuana growing out of concrete

47. This person who was casually reading a book, when they saw their exact same door — which is quite a unique design — in the book.

a person holding a book with a drawing of a door that has peaked square patterns carved into it, and a door that looks exactly the same of that in the distance in their room

48. This person who cut off the top of a strawberry and was left with a near-perfect square hole.

A square hole in a strawberry

49. This person who actually managed to find the end of a rainbow, though sadly, no pot of gold.

a rainbow ending in some dirt on the ground

50. And finally, this image of a cow in a car.

a car poking its head out of the backseat window of a sedan car