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Kristen Wiig, Steve From "Blues Clues," And 24 Other Celebs I CANNOT Believe Are Turning 50 In 2023

Time is absolutely wild.

Earlier this year I went down a rabbit hole, looking into celebs that are SHOCKINGLY in their 60s, mainly just out of curiosity. (Lookin' at you Ralph Macchio!) Now that 2022 is basically over, my brain started looking ahead and wondering what celebs are turning 50 in 2023. And, much like my post about celebs in their 60s, I am floored by the results. Check it out:

Note: I relied on Google for these celebs' birth dates, so ya know, take it with a grain of salt if, like, one is wrong or whatever. (This is just for fun!!!)

1. Nick Lachey

Nick with short hair, wearing a suede jacket, t shirt, and slacks

2. Jim Parsons

closeup of jim parsons

3. Kristen Wiig

closeup of kristen

4. Jorge Garcia

Jorge wearing a hawaiian lei and his hair slicked back

5. Keiko Agena

closeup o f Keiko

6. Steve Burns

7. Shannon Elizabeth

shannon smiling and wearing a silky top

8. Carson Daly

closeup of carson at a bravo event

9. Indira Varma

Indira in a sheer top and dress coat

10. Juliette Lewis

Juliette with long, sleek straight hair, and a plunging neckline dress, smiling

11. Pharrell Williams

pharrell wearing a human made leather jacket and a mickey moues shirt and a baseball had

12. Neve Campbell

Neve with a shaggy hairdo, silk button top, and sparkly skirt

13. Jack McBrayer

Jack wearing a simple tuxedo and laughing

14. Tyra Banks

closeup of tyra

15. Adam Scott

Adam wearing a simple blazer and button shirt with floppy hair and stubble

16. Kate Beckinsale

17. Mario Lopez

Mario with slicked back hair, wearing a simple button up shirt and slacks

18. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil wearing a custom suit in iridescent colors and dark nail polish at the matrix resurrections premiere

19. Omar Epps

Omar wearing a light linen suit with a shaved head and goatee

20. Brian Austin Green

Brian wearing a polo shirt, hands in his slacks, he has stubble and short hair

21. Yunjin Kim

Yunjin with long hair, bangs, and wearing a fancy designer suit sitting on a panel at a Netflix Korea event

22. Tori Spelling

23. Wilson Cruz

Wilson wearing a slick black suit with the top button undone, he has facial hair and salt and pepper hair

24. James Marsden

James with messy hair and a suit jacket

25. Michael Ealy

26. And finally, Monica Lewinsky

Monica with long, highlighted, straight hair and bangs, wearing a knit short sleeve dress

Me looking at all these celebs:

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