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17 Husbands Who Made Their Spouse Say, "Ladies And Gentlemen, My Husband"


1. This husband who asked where the markers were and revealed this DIY project:

u/MellieMayhem / Via

2. This husband who's already mastered being a dad with this gender reveal cake:

u/Lemongrass29 / Via

3. This husband who should probably have his label maker taken away:

4. This husband who was asked to make sure the kitchen counter was clean:

u/HardPass10 / Via

5. This husband who JUST had to make a party invitation, but really took it to a whole other (unnecessary) level:

u/SloanethePornGal / Via

6. This husband who was "mad" and decided to only make half of the bed in the morning:

u/bearfoxmousemushroom / Via

7. And then this husband who said he made the bed ~properly~:

u/jeffimus_prime / Via

8. This husband who replied to his cousin's wedding invitation with this questionable request:

u/JennyGloc / Via

9. This husband who took Elf on the Shelf to dark places:

pookadjinninni / Via

10. This husband who tried cutting his hair by himself:

u/Jargon337 / Via

11. This husband who was sent out to get a baby shower gift bag...SIGH:

u/MangoBlisters / Via

12. This husband, named Ian, who had ulterior motives for getting the new puppy (Nala) her own stocking:

u/alymac95 / Via

13. This husband who is not very good at packing:

u/Appledoo / Via

14. This husband who needs a quick cooking lesson:

u/putainrelou / Via

15. This husband who was asked to help do the lattice on the pie:

u/Evlwolf / Via

16. This husband who was asked to peel half of the potatoes and put them in the pot:

17. And finally, this husband who will not be in charge of getting the guest bed ready ever again:

u/theword12 / Via

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