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    15 Reasons George Of The Jungle Would Make The Best Boyfriend

    If your sexual awakening didn't happen because of this man, you are lying to yourself.

    1. His Fashion Sense.

    2. His incredible strength.

    3. He could literally swing you through the jungle.

    4. He has a pet elephant.

    5. He shares your interest in coffee.

    6. He is great with animals.

    7. I mean, really, really, great with animals.

    8. He can play an instrument.

    9. He can juggle.

    10. He's gorgeous even when he's gross.

    11. He understands we all like to look good.

    12. He has a killer pick up line.

    13. He can plan a wonderful date.

    14. He gives great hugs.

    15. He looks amazing NAKED.

    16. BONUS: He can dance.

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    And make you feel comfortable doing so.