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KPOP Is Taking Over

Social media is used to spread the words

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Instagram Fan Accounts: Not only the idols themselves, fans all over the world are also making fans account to support their idols and to promote them more.

exostudio / Via Instagram: @

This fan page is created by EXO fans. It updates EXO's photos after they were released. Fan accounts bring more conversations and increase the chance of people sharing and tagging. Fan accounts are known as helping their idols by bringing more fans to the fandom.

Youtube: Now Kpop idols also have their own Youtube Channel, so they can share videos through their own platforms.


SM Entertainment is one of the big three entertainments of Kpop. They developed some of the well know groups such as Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, F(x), EXO, and Red Velvet. It is the entertainment with most groups. Now that the company has it own Youtube account, they can promote their own idol.

V-LIVE Broadcasting App

V LIVE / Via

V-LIVE Broadcasting App is an platform for Kpop fans to view live videos of their idols. This app was developed in 2010 by NAVER, a Korean online communication company. Through this app, fans and interact with their idols by commenting and giving ❤️. And now nearly all Kpop idols have a V-LIVE account.


BTS National / Via Twitter: @bts_national

Through this BTS fan account post on Twitter, we can see that Jungkook, the maknae (막내: the youngest person of the group), is showing himself eating to his fans.

And we can see that the viewers and the ❤️ were increasing fast.

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