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    • CrystalDynasty

      #1 and #4- Money is not an issue for Saban. He can tell the school what he wants to make and they will satisfy the demand. #2- Saban didn’t lie to Miami. The statement that he wouldn’t be Bama’s new Head Coach was made BEFORE they convinced him to sign on. When he said that he was telling the truth since he had not yet considered the job. #3- Nothing to do with the subject. #5- Did you really try to use golf for one? RTJT is legendary, Austin can’t compete…
      “NIKE Tour Championship, 1997-1999
      Grand National, 1997
      Magnolia Grove, 1998
      Highland Oaks, 1999
      BUY.COM Tour Championship, 2000-2002
      Highland Oaks, 2000
      Capitol Hill, 2001
      Capitol Hill, 2002
      Nationwide Tour Championship, Capitol Hill, 2003
      LPGA AFLAC Championship, 1998-2001
      Grand National, 1998
      Magnolia Grove, 1999 – 2001
      LPGA Tournament of Champions, Magnolia Grove, 2002-2003
      1999 Jr. College National Championships, Highland Oaks
      2000 NCAA Men’s Division I National Championship, Grand National
      2003 Golf Digest/Golf For Women, RTJ Golf Trail Couples’ Classic, Grand National, Oct. 24-26, 2003
      2003 NCAA Fall Women’s Preview, Grand National, Sept. 12-14, 2003
      Course Quotes
      “Alabama has the American golfer’s equivalent of Disney World.” - Golf Magazine
      “Alabama’s 100 miles of golf stands on par with the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge or the Interstate Highway System.” - The Cincinnati Inquirer
      “A trip to the Trail is worth every mile and minute spent of the road…the finest public courses in the country…” - The Atlanta Constitution
      “In Alabama, a genius in course design created 18 jewels for everyone to enjoy at 1/3 the rate of comparable facilities.” - The Boston Globe
      “Alabama’s galaxy of great courses will change your image of public golf forever.” - Senior Golf
      “…some of the best public golf on earth.” – The New York Times
      “…one of the 50 coolest places in golf.” – Golf Magazine
      Course Kudos
      The Trail was named by Frequent Flyer magazine as one of the world’s top 10 trips.
      Travel & Leisure Golf called the Trail “America’s premier golfing road trip.”
      Golf Digest listed five of the Trail’s seven facilities among the top 50 in the nation for service.
      Six of the Trail’s eight sites were ranked 4½ stars by Golf Digest’s Places to Play, 2002-2003.
      Golf Digest placed the Trail among the top 50 golf destinations in the world.
      Upon its recent completion, The Senator course at Capitol Hill was named among the top new courses in the country by Golf Magazine.
      Readers of Golf Magazine rated The Judge course at Capitol Hill a 5 out of a perfect 5 rating.
      Because of the Trail, Alabama was named one of the top 10 destinations in the world for golf by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators.” #6- “Texas Longhorn Football: Fans named most miserable by USA Today.” Saban would rather have one bat sh** crazy fan than an entire fanbase that is miserable and dispirited. #7- The Elephant became the mascot the same way the nickname “Crimson Tide” was given to Bama, the same way the “Million Dollar Band” was named. It was given to Bama by the media years ago. What does Bevo do that’s awesome? Big Al is ICONIC!!! Video proof…  #8- Really? Insinuating he would leave Alabama for one single party because he’s actually a perverted old man that wants to stare at teenage girls? That is extremely insulting and has no factual basis. #9- Texas has more recruits because Texas has MORE PEOPLE,as you stated. Recruits PER CAPITA have Louisiana and Alabama as the top 2 states. Here are a couple comparison points between Saban’s Bama and Texas.
      Bama has had 33 players picked in the NFL Draft under Saban. 14 of them were 1st Round picks, with 3rd being the highest Overall pick, twice. An average Round of 2.9 for picks, and an average Overall pick of 80th.
      Texas in the same period had 20 players drafted. 3 of them were 1st Round picks, with 13th being the highest Overall pick. An average Round of 3.45 for picks, and an average Overall pick of 97th.
      The NFL thinks there is more talent at Alabama it seems. #10- Austin has more live music VENUES PER CAPITA, so it gave itself that name. If Saban actually had time for live music, Alabama does just fine providing it.  #11- A lot of Alabama has already come to terms with the fact that Saban is better than the Bear, and we will say so.

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