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    • Crusader2

      Per the New York Times, “Zimbabwean authorities say at least 81 elephants have been killed for their ivory tusks by poachers using cyanide poison in water holes.” Presumably this killed the entire herd, to include juveniles and babies, something that a responsible hunter would never do. Those local communities benefit from a legal elephant hunt (they do get the meat——most of the locals are subsistence farmers and get little protein, employment from the outfit that leases the land for hunting ((trackers, skinners, porters, drivers, cooks)), and a usually a large percentage of the fees generated by those hunters——a two week elephant hunt, which would net one adult male, costs north of $50,000. If the alternative to this is 81 elephants dying a hideous prolonged death, with ivory worth hundreds of thousands going to middlemen, and none to the locals, I will take hunting anyday. And lets direct some of our outrage to China and Japan, which is driving the indiscriminate massacre of thousands of elephants because of their demand for the ivory.

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