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    30 Totally Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Books

    Have some books on a bookshelf? You're just getting started.

    1. Take the concept of book plates to the next level

    American Tableware Assoc. / Via

    2. Get crafty and make your own coffee table with book legs

    Book Riot / Via

    3. How about a gorgeous book mobile?


    4. Let there be light with a bookish lamp


    5. Painted book staircases add a whimsical touch

    6. It's book o'clock

    Uncommon Goods / Via

    7. Book planters: It's like the power of words makes the plants grow. So poetic / Via honbachi

    8. Ladies and gents, this is a functioning bathtub / Via whocaresaboutthat

    9. The COOLEST coffee table book we can imagine

    10. A bookish lampshade is perfect for a cozy bedroom

    Mari Makes / Via

    11. A shower curtain short story by Dave Eggers

    The Thing / Via

    12. Book of Tissue is decidedly cuter than a cardboard Kleenex box

    13. A book page chandelier = ideal ambiance

    Keep / Via

    14. Can't handle the adorable: storybook napping and playtime area

    15. A festive holiday wreath made out of pages

    16. And you thought your iPhone was a smart phone

    Bookriot / Via

    17. These floating shelves double as wall art

    etsy / Via

    18. Have some bricks lying around? Give them a makeover as vintage books

    19. Hidden bookshelf storage = so James Bond

    Etsy / Via

    20. Tuck us in, please

    Funzug / Via

    21. Terra Cotta book vases? Don't mind if we do

    22. A book rug so you can be surrounded on all sides

    23. It's almost too romantic

    Treesugar / Via

    24. Make any couch instantly awesome with a book throw pillow

    Society 6 / Via

    25. Wallpaper shelves to create the library of your dreams

    Extekdeco / Via

    26. THIS.

    etsy / Via

    27. Pretty covers become wall art

    28. Walk by your favorite passage from your favorite book every day

    29. YES.

    30. Because your pooch wants in on the literary fun, too

    Overstock / Via

    Now go make your home as bookish and adorable.

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