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13 Jaw-Dropping Stock Photos Of Women Reading

Women who love books too much. Or not enough. We can't tell.

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Maksim Shmeljov / Via

I don't know why. I just felt like stripping down, throwing a sheet over my couch, and holding this book while I gaze longingly over my right shoulder and consider baby names that start with J.


Sidarta / Via

I'm not frowning because of my book. My book is perfectly adequate. It's this terrible biscuit. It's dry and stale. And my hand is tired from holding it so awkwardly. And this old bench. It's full of splinters.


Pressmaster / Via

I can read! I can read upside down! I'm defying the laws of gravity!

Aaand that's the end of this list. We've actually overloaded on crazy. We're going to take our pants off and read somewhere.