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    10 Tips to Surviving and Thriving After College

    Words of wisdom by Katherine Schwarzenegger from her new book, I Just Graduated… Now What?

    1. Always respond to e-mails, even if you think the person sending the e-mail is unimportant. Just respond!

    2. Be prepared. If you are well prepared for something, you don’t need to be nervous about messing up.

    3. Don’t worry about not having it together, because not many people do. Many people who say they do actually don’t.

    4. If you are ever talking to someone who goes off on a long ramble that you didn’t plan for, don’t stop it. Just shut up.

    5. Getting people to give you time is one of the biggest challenges in the world, so when you get a minute, be respectful of it and use it wisely.

    6. Don’t think that because you find yourself interesting, everyone else will too.

    7. When you talk to someone who is rude to you for no reason, know that it has nothing to do with you and that they are really just pissed at themselves.

    8. Always make your own judgments of people – everyone has an opinion about someone, but let yourself be the real judge of another person.

    9. Know that after graduation, you will cry so many times trying to figure out who you are...

    that people might label you as “emotionally fragile.”

    10. At the end of the day, take a deep breath or scream into a pillow...

    because you will figure it out. I promise you!

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