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The music industry has collapsed to just a few to performers, with Taylor Swift's face being everywhere from Tokyo to Buenos Aires. Sounds familiar and a bit boring at the same time, isn't it?

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Writing you here when the Grammy Awards is over. We all have sort of news about that on our feed, and yes, Taylor Swift’s face should be everywhere between Tokyo and Buenos Aires around the cities. Only one of the most important music event scheduled every year. Sounds familiar and a bit boring at the same time, isn’t it?

Also is an official event involving a lot of musicians, some of them even coming from different countries, so far so good. It’s a good time to remember what has made music and art part of our history, more than ever, a lot of new acts were introduced to the main stage. That’s they only point we’re addicted to here and now. Music-industry accepted a challenge years ago, it was the 90’s and the line between mainstream and independent scene stayed highly marked even if only by a little, even if the idea of “do it yourself” was premiered and spread out in the world. Good idea for sure, but submitted to the music-biz, as it meant you need more steps after your first “job-interview”; a lot of energies lost during the process, and consider they were in the age of no-Zuckerberg-contents. Such energy and passion for moving your art forward is observed by communities on

Now it’s over all of this, challenge accepted: you've got an idea? The first thing to do is to take care of it, tons of love, please. The second step, take your time and disregard the rest for a while. Then we are almost on the way for a goa: start thinking to create your community, persons (don’t use the word people, please) the know your project like they are your friends or neighbor, or both. Are you a musician? Or maybe a journalist? Doesn’t matter at all, you’ll have your supporters the same, you’ll feel agreeable to share with them your project and plant the first seed. Your community and potential future solid supporters are now building in numbers on Times are ready for the second solid real challenge even for “do it yourself” philosophy, take a look around and see how all of this is already real.

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