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18 Things You Can’t Help But Do In A Foreign Country

Because some things just don't happen at home.

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1. Speak with an accent. Always. And when people don't speak your language, use actions. Because they might understand you that way:

2. Try new trends:

3. Spend money on unnecessary things:

4. Walk around as if you are a local. Lost? Not me. Map? Too good for that shit:

5. Get overly excited when you see someone from home. You rarely see them at home and yet seeing them on foreign land is so god damn exciting:

6. Drink way too much. You're on holiday after all:

7. Think you are less likely to get the allergic reactions you do at home. Seafood platter + foreign country = not totally fine:

8. Visit Starbucks at least four times a day solely for the free Wi-Fi:

9. Think of yourself as a changed person. Like you’re really finding yourself:

10. Visit an attraction. Become “really cultured”:

11. Take thousands of landscape pictures you will never look at again:

12. Post every picture on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And wait for people to like them:

13. Get a token tourist shot:

14. Constantly refer back to what time it is at home:

15. Indulge in local cuisine. I would never eat just carbs and ice cream for a week; but when in Rome, right!?

16. Fall in love with the nightlife. Probably because no one knows you and losing your dignity is easier to accept this way:

17. Let's face it, you have no shame:

18. Feel empty when you realise you are over the mid-way mark of your holiday:

Every day is so sad from here.

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