20 Reasons We Are All A Monica At Heart

She’s funny, sweet, and horribly neurotic — just like you!

1. She has very little patience.

Even with the people she loves.

2. She is confident in her sexuality.

In BOTH realities.

3. She has trouble keeping track of her accessories.

Even the REALLY important ones.

4. She can admit that she is flawed.

NBC / Via stia.viewy.ru

Even if it takes her a little while to do so.

5. She’s disappointed her parents.

We all have. Don’t worry about it.

6. She can get pretty angry.

Even at the smallest things.

7. She has no problem teasing her friends.

NBC / Via rebloggy.com

If you can’t viciously mock them, you aren’t best friends.

8. She is protective of her food.

Not as much as Joey, but still.

9. She can be kind of a poor sport.

We can all be a jerk, sometimes.

10. She’s bossy as hell.

NBC / Via weheartit.com

And we can all be bossy, guys.

11. She doesn’t react well to pain.

Jellyfish stings hurt.

12. It’s hard for her to talk to boys.

We’ve all been there.

13. She’s a sloppy drunk.

Who isn’t?

14. She asks the tough questions.

Even to her husband.

15. She knows how to avoid temptation.

NBC / Via fanpop.com

Even when it’s as sweet as cake.

16. She’s breezy.

Except she forgets that saying she’s breezy totally negates the breezy.

17. She is baffled by the opposite sex.


18. Even she gets down sometimes.

But she can always find a way back up.

19. She always says what she’s thinking.

Even if it could hurt her in the long run.

20. Lastly, Monica always finds a way to cheer up a friend.

Even if she drops a truth bomb in the process.

I think we can all agree, everyone has a little Monica in them.

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