20 Signs You Went To College In Boston

With more than 100 colleges and universities in the Greater Boston Area, and roughly 40% of the city’s population made up of students, Boston is basically one giant playground for co-eds.

1. Boston Weather: Winter

Also known as October through April.

Boston Weather: Summer

Also known as April through October.

Boston Weather: Spring and Fall

2. Everywhere you look.

3. When someone says they go to Harvard.

Even though at some point during college, you probably put on Harvard attire and walked around Cambridge just because.

4. Allston: Freshman Year

Allston: Sophomore through Senior Year

Yet you always went.

5. When someone from a school outside of Boston visits and asks what Sorority or Fraternity you’re in.

Even if you actually are in Greek life.

6. Free Boloco Day.

7. Anytime one of your local friends tries to say “room.”

8. When you first heard about Patriot’s Day.

When you experienced your first Patriot’s Day.

And every Patriot’s Day after that.

Marathon Monday Forever.

9. When someone says they aren’t from the Northeast.

10. You know that it doesn’t matter what day of the week St. Patricks Day is on.

11. Everyone’s reaction if you say you don’t like hockey.

12. You know that this:

Isn’t as good as this:

And that neither are worth the wait.

Especially when you can have this:

13. Your feelings towards the Green Line, Red Line and Orange Line are all the same.

Really towards the T in general.

Except for the Blue Line.

Because ????

14. While most people think of this when they hear MIT or Harvard:

You think of this:

15. You’ve tried to go to the Common during hempfest.

And you were confused by all of the police.

Because they literally don’t do anything.

16. You secretly love the Freedom Trail.

Though quite vocally hate all of the tourists it attracts

17. You’ve seen all of the Lipdubs.

And hate to admit that MIT’s is pretty good.

18. And it doesn’t matter where you’re originally from, or where you live now, the entire week of the bombing, anytime you heard “Sweet Caroline” you just did this:

19. Because you know Boston is one strong city.

And the absolute best place to go to school.

20. And you know if you’re ever lost, there is one thing that will always guide you home.

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