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Your Day Is An Emotional Roller Coaster Controlled By Food

4:35pm - Life is so hard, time has stopped completely, and you need a donut.

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8:00am: One great thing about the morning? Breakfast!! / Via Giphy

You're afraid to admit it but sometimes you're excited to go to sleep at night just so you can wake up and drink coffee again. Coffee, you give me purpose.

10:45am: But like, you're pretty sure she's taunting you...

Saturday Night Live / Via

Karen, with your granola bar and your almonds and your pre-planned meals. Why do you do this to me, Karen!? We're supposed to be on the same team, Karen! Doesn't that mean anything to you!?

11:00am: Breakfast is a distant memory and you're having feelings.

One hour until you can leave at a socially-respectable time for lunch. No biggie. We're fine. Totally fine. Why am I drooling?

11:30am: Time just moves so slowly, it's like why do you even deal with time at this point?

Saturday Night Live / Via

What is time anyways and when did it become ok for time to be boss of everybody? WE SHOULD TOTALLY JUST KILL TIME.

4:25: In a last ditch effort to pull yourself together you think "maybe this is a good thing."

I'm becoming stronger, right? I'm burning so many calories. I don't need food. I'm in control.

4:59pm: Because LYFE has put you on one side of the sliding door and the sweet sustenance you crave on the other.

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