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The 8 Types Of People You'll Meet In The Gym

So who's your gym buddy?

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1. The Narcissist


The guy at the gym whose selfie game is always on point. They can never leave the station without taking a mandatory selfie, due to a radical reason that missing it is considered as a crime. The mayhem doesn't end there as it is usually followed by a compulsory post in social media containing a rephrased caption.

2. Mr. and Ms. Clueless


You know who they are-- the gym noobs! They primarily have zero knowledge about the essential things in the gym ranging from using the equipments up to the basic gym etiquettes. Shelling out a few bucks to hire a trainer or coach won't hurt, but instead, they opted to do and figure things out on their own thinking that things will work out well. Goodluck with that!

3. The Grunter


It is easy to spot this one, even without you looking! Things will start at out with faint moans, but as the intensity of the workout increases, you'll start to hear the weird grunts that may range from deep, powerful "ugh" and "ahh" up to awkward "sex moans". The grunts may take you off your grid, so make sure you have your earphones on to zone out the "distraction".

4. The Sweat Dripper


Sweating out is completely normal given the intensity of workouts during your training. But some gym goer packs a little extra in their sweat glands-- they profusely sweat right after finishing a single set of drills or even after a light warmup! Imagine how disgusting it would be to use a gym equipment slathered by somebody else's sweat who didn't even bothered wiping it. That is just ridiculous!

5. The Ninja Warrior


The ripped dudes of the gym. They pump irons non stop with no or little breaks in between. They don't talk that much because they're all business when working out. Their commitment to fitness is admirable though.

6. The Nudist


My personal favorite! They are the guys who walks around the locker room completely exposed as if they are the only one in there! Cover your thing, dude! We don't need to see what's down there-- have some respect!

7. Chicken legs


These are the guys who doesn't know the existence of leg day. He may have mean looking arms, a well chiseled chest and rock hard abs, but he's definitely out of proportion with those legs that resembles a bamboo stick. I wonder if it'll snap anytime soon.

8. The Zumba Squad


The girl group of the gym! They dress similarly to each other; usually wearing a light colored top and tight black leggings. It is their habit to do things altogether to make sure that no gets left behind, "No one is allowed to do the second set until Cherry is done!", is their usual battlecry.

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