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14 Horror GIFs That Are Truly Relatable

Things in our life that we can relate to horror films. Uhm? Okay?

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1. Going to work after a night of heavy drinking

2. That feeling when an officemate asked you to do additional work just before you leave the office

Lawebloca / Via Tumblr

3. This is basically everyone when there is free food

Via Giphy

4. When your make up is a “few” shades lighter than your skin tone

The Year of Halloween / Via Wordpress

5. This is me on the day I got dumped

Via Google

6. A few days later after the breakup-- Revenge

Via Tumblr

7. Every first time drinker’s problem

8. What my parents think happened to me when I’m not home by 7 PM

Via Giphy

9. When someone invited you for dinner-- their treat

Via Giphy

10. What I do when trying to console a drunk friend

11. When you are home alone and the power goes off

Via Tumblr

12. When you are trying to flirt but you’re awkward AF

Via Giphy

13. When the dentist asked you to open your mouth more

Via Giphy

14. This is me after getting 10 hours of sleep

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