10 Halloween Horror Dolls To Give You Nightmares

Creepy dolls made by horror artist, Bastet2329.

creepydolls • 5 years ago

Why Men Should Never Buy Used Underwear At The Thrift Store

Artist Chuck Hodi demonstrates why it is not a good idea to buy used underwear at the thrift store! Nothing is funnier than a little Poop Humor!

creepydolls • 6 years ago

Creepy Halloween Horror Dolls

These macabre dolls created by Etsy artist Creepydolls make a perfect Halloween display! These dolls have been collected worldwide for the past 9 years and are all one of a kind.

creepydolls • 6 years ago

The Gallery of the Dolls (Move Over American Girl)

An amazing Gallery show put on by The Cactus gallery in Eagle Rock, Ca. If you like dolls and one of a kind art, this exhibit is for you! From the cute to the creepy to the surreal or the macabre, it is all there. If you are in the LA Area, drop by the gallery. The show runs Until April 5. Article by Phillip Sander.

creepydolls • 7 years ago