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13 Reasons We’d Fight For Michael B. Jordan

Under the tutelage of Rocky Balboa, Michael B. Jordan steps into the ring as Adonis Creed in Creed, in theaters this Thanksgiving!

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1. Because he's been teaching us how to play this style game since birth:

2. Because he makes us feel guilty for skipping leg day:

3. Because the world needs more of his shameless selfies:

4. Because he's a family man who loves his father...

5. Because his travels inspire us to see the world:

6. Because we fight a common enemy:

7. Because he subtly inspires us:

8. Because he shares our pain of sitting in traffic:

9. Because he has no shame in his game:

10. Because his positivity sets the tone for the rest of our day:

11. Because he has so much knowledge to share:

Just tried to explain to my publicist what "twerking" is. Finally showed her a Twerk Team video on YouTube hahaha her mind blown 😳

12. Because he's an advocate of sports:

13. And because he's a prime example of hard work and dedication:

Dedicate some time to check out Creed this Thanksgiving as Michael B. Jordan fights to carry on the Creed legacy.

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