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Five Things PC Gamers Are Addicted To

As a gamer myself, I do discover there are some things that are not just a good thing to have around, but have turned into a necessity.

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The Chair

DX Racer / Via

Gaming chairs… Back support, padded armrests, real leather (or high quality faux for the vegans of course), colourful choices. Some companies will even personalise the chair for your height and leg length. How to ever decline this?

The Voice Chat

Discord / Via

Starting with some games which introduced voice chat some aeons ago, we have become too used to talking via microphone when playing, that typing is a thing of the past. Shame on you games who don’t have this function and oblige us to use the oh-so-dreadful software such as Discord and Skype (sarcasm).


AmazonBasics / Via

Okay, a bit off, but hey – tell me a gamer who doesn’t use at least one of these on a daily basis. Not just PC, but also consoles use HDMI for transferring information between the TV set or monitors and the console.


Although many have started debating over if gaming by itself is an addiction or a behavioural disorder, as a person with stable gaming time, personal life and a career, I have to say that whatever you do, you must do it without letting it ruin life for you. There is nothing sillier than branding a whole hobby as dangerous for society, especially one that has been around for as long as the current working generation.

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