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TriggerTreats 7 years ago

Redneck Family Chases A Tornado

You might be a redneck if you pack your wife and her daughter in a minivan and chase a tornado. What will be the fate of the Dairy Queen and the Beauty Salon???

TriggerTreats 8 years ago

Steven Slater's Long-Lost Twin

The real reason Steven Slater left the plane? There was a sale at Penny's.

TriggerTreats 9 years ago

"What's Up Randy?" "We're Gettin' Robbed!"

A Tennessee man wakes up with a gun to his chest. He lives to drunkenly tell the tale.

TriggerTreats 9 years ago

Fabulously Flamboyant 60s Commercial

Outtake from a Monroe shock absorber commercial from the 1960s that may make some NASCAR fans a little uncomfortable. No pun intended.

TriggerTreats 9 years ago

Domestic Assault. With Cheetos.

Domestic violence + Mullet + Junk food. I thought the Kentucky and Georgia ads were pretty bad, but leave it to the Volunteer State to set a whole new standard in what it means to be "redneck." You stay cheesy Tennessee!!

TriggerTreats 10 years ago

Father's Day in Georgia

Not to be outdone by Kentucky's "Shooting Range Bride" ad, Georgia offers up the perfect Father's Day gift for the Dad who's got it all. You stay classy Georgia!!

TriggerTreats 10 years ago

Danny DeVito, Drunk On Morning TV

Danny DeVito, 8 a.m. with beer in hand, gives Philadelphia's Jennaphr Frederick one of the best local TV interviews since James Brown. [Editor's Note: Or since the last drunk Limoncello appearance.]

TriggerTreats 10 years ago

An American's Guide To Kicking Terrorism's Ass

Dick Cheney's secret black-op files have been exposed; waterboarding, extraordinary rendition, the Plame affair and now a series of educational, instructional videos for today's patriot. Take an inside look into the Bush administration's attempt at educating American's like you on fighting those bastards... the terrorists!

TriggerTreats 10 years ago

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Shooting range + paintball + preggo bride in lingerie = you stay classy Kentucky!!!

TriggerTreats 10 years ago

Real-Life Supervillain Society ROACH

What good is Cincinnati's very own superhero if he doesn't have an evil arch nemesis? Founded by an evil genius, ROACH, which stands for the Ruthless Organization Against Citizen Heroes has gone public in response to The World Of Superhero Registry. David Bowie could not be reached for comment.

TriggerTreats 10 years ago

Norton Furniture Frog On the Couch Commercial

Mix one stoner, a bug-eyed frog and a spaz with a fake goatee and giant scissors and you get one of the most surreal ads to come out of Cleveland.

TriggerTreats 10 years ago