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Illuminate Your Smart Entry Home

Arrive home in style. Get a laminated smart key to direct you to the door entrance without fumbling and wasting time. The all new World’s First Bluetooth LED smart home key is here. Keys have a way of stressing you on a daily basis. You are aware of the numerous occasions when it takes too long to figure the correct key to open the door. During the night, when you are in haste or simply rushing to catch up with your favorite television channel, your haste is brought to an abrupt end right at the door step. You waste valuable time searching for the right key to open the door. When the key is in a bunch, you are most likely get it; your guess is right, last. It does not seem to improve no matter how hard you try. When you are with children screaming, and in need of visiting the toilet, this situation is embarrassing. Your everyday outing or coming back home can turn into a neighborhood scorn instead of the well-deserved home sweet home episode. From now, however, this jostling and cursing at your door step have come to an end. By visiting LumNkey, you guarantee yourself a quiet and hassle-free grand return to your home. Bliss starts the moment you pick your smart key from your pocket.

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How it works

The smart key is activated through the Bluetooth technology. By pairing your smart key to your smartphone, you can easily and quickly access your home. Once you have installed the specially designed smartkey mobile app and encoded your password on your phone, you are set to go. The app will expedite the LED smart key to communication with your home Wi-Fi, making discreet verification before facilitating your entry. You can even program it to open the door once you are a few steps to the door.


You can derive multiple benefits using this technology. Some of the advantages of using the device include the following:

• Easy access: Accessing you home should be the most desirable activity after a long day out. The smart key facilitates this through lamination which triggers the unlocking of the door. As such, you look forward to opening the door.

•Advance technology: The technology in play is the only one in the entire world. It combines safety features to convert your door opening tasks into a sought-after adventure.

• Secure: The system is very secure in spite of its easy operations. In uses encryptions to verify if you are the owner of the house before granting access. You never have to worry about unauthorized access.

• Custom made: You can select to illuminate your keys using the two colors – white or clear -currently available. Apart from allowing quick access, these colors also enhance your mood as you arrive home.

• Earning: For a limited duration only, the manufacturers of LumNKey are offering attractive affiliate opportunities to help them market the smart key. There are only two thousand slots to be filled before this offer is discontinued.

So illuminate your way to easy LED-directed access to your home today, while making some money doing so.

LumNKey is currently seeking Angel Investors to bring great success to the product. If you want to take part in the project, you can get in touch with us

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