Todd Miller
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    • Todd Miller

      This is so asinine…Asians are capable of the same kind of racism and bullshit white people are. My gf is Asian, I’ve joked with her about a lot of this shit…. There is some truth to some of it, and some of it is total bullshit. My point however is this is not about race, but about male idiocy. Women of all races get all kinds of f-ed up messages from men of all kinds, especially when placing the internet between two people. The fact that these girls are Asian is just a talking point. The racist part? Singling out white men, trying to shame them for behavior that is not “white male behavior” but idiotic behavior. The fact that it exists and you idiots support it is also asinine, if you were to replace “Creepy ______ Guys” with any other race, there would be a shit storm.  The guys writing these messages are not the only racist morons out there, there’s all of you.

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