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The 14 Stages Of Meeting Your S.O.’s Parents, As Told By “Crazy Rich Asians”

Even if your S.O's family isn't crazy rich, it's still pretty damn scary. Crazy Rich Asians is in cinemas 30 August.

1. Your S.O brings up the idea of meeting their parents.

2. Processing...processing...

3. New outfit needed! You want to dress to impress but also make sure you're not trying too hard.

4. Not shown: the butterflies in your stomach right before having to walk through the front door.

5. You try to be super friendly from the very start to show you're not that nervous.

6. You accidentally do something weird because you're trying to act cool.

7. You concentrate super hard on the introductions so you don't forget anyone's name.

8. Whoops, you just said something dumb in front of everyone because you were trying to look smart.

9. And now you're getting the cold-shoulder vibes for saying something dumb.

10. This is you getting a fun lecture from the mother-in-law:

11. You finally build up the courage to hold your own. (Here is live footage of the stare-off.)

12. Your S.O sends you a secret sign to let you know you're doing well.

13. You get the cool and crazy uncle and cousins loving you.

14. Your S.O is finally able to let Mum go to voice message. Mission accomplished.

Meet the whole family in Crazy Rich Asians, in cinemas 30 August.

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