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Happy Father's Day To My Dad

Because I wanna say thank you, and you take tons of photos.

This is him.

This is my dad. He is a great lovable goof ball who I love and adore with my heart.

Even though he may not look like he cares, he does.

He will do almost any roller coaster with you, no matter what kind. (Actually not always water rides.)

He enjoys go-carts and NASCAR just as any dad should.

He enjoys going shopping for some unknown reason.

He likes to work on things that definitely need fixing.

He will make sure you brush your teeth.

He takes photos at random times.

He can grow an awesome beard that makes him look like a balled Saint Nick.

He kept worms in a jar for fishing that never happened.

He goes and spends lots of time with his parents.

He is my dad.

And I love him.

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