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Would You Wear A Kigurumi?

You may have heard of these. Once popular in Japan and now becoming more 'wildly' popular, a 'Kigurumi' (ki-goo-room-ee) is roughly translated into 'wearable toy'. As in, a child's stuffed plush toy. Kids and adults alike enjoy wearing these. In addition to being cute, casual and fun - they are insanely warm and comfortable, perfect for this time of year!

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Join the Cute Kigurumi Challenge

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Adults (and teens) across the nation are beginning to take an interest in this cute and super cozy fashion trend. Why not bring in the fall season with one of your own. They are easier to find locally than you may think. Some thrift stores or costume shops have them with Halloween items. You could also get one from Amazon or even check if you're near a store called Boathouse.

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