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Hope You Have A Good Day!

Making sure to keep connected with the people who have been a part of your life

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With a simple tweet, click, or by sending a snap, a person can connect with one person, hundreds of people, or whole families that are miles away, even on the other side of the world. There are people who have thousands of followers, some I don't understand why, but none the less, it is easy to communicate with people all over the world with a simple click of a button. Yet, how many people have come into our lives, that we no longer talk too? With such great communication and connections available why does the world seem to easily forget or let go of the people that are actually in our lives, and focus on connecting with people we will never actually meet. That is why, thanks to my mom, I now text one person a day from my contacts, "Hope you have a good day!"

Everyday, starting at the top and working all the way down to the bottom of my contacts, I send one person a day, "Hope you have a good day!" This has proven to be awkward, at first, but in the end totally worth it. At first glance or thought, when thinking of your own contact list in your phone, it doesn't seem to bad. Yet, truly think on this, those Uncle's and Aunt's you have in your phone that you love, but you don't connect with; or those parents of your childhood friends, who you like, but you don't have a real reason to talk to them. Best yet think of those people who you used to be friends with, but you don't really speak to unless you need them for something or because it is their birthday. Now you get why it can be awkward. The hell are you going to say to them for why you texted them "Hope you have a good day!". Well, here is why I do it.

I send that text, almost everyday, because I hope that it makes that person feel appreciated, not alone, and most importantly that they are being thought of and are cared for. These points ring especially true to me when I think of the friends and family members that have passed away early or out of turn. What I, or all of us wouldn't give to say just one more word to that person we lost. Which leads to the second reason why I send that text everyday. I don't want it to be 5, 20, 50, years down the road and I hear how I lost someone I knew in college or high school, who at the time was dear to me, but had become a figure of my past and now another person I won't be able to say a word too again on this earth. These are the reasons why I send that text. To let people, who have been a part of my life, that they are important, that they are not alone, and that someone out there, despite all the time that has passed, the trials each of us has personally gone through, is thinking of them and wishes the best for them. As well, for me to make sure I know and keep up to date with the people who have helped shaped my life and shaped me as a person.

So, after reading this, I challenge you to do the same. Start from the top of your contacts in your phone and work all the way to the bottom, A to Z, and send them a text wishing them a good day. After all, what's more important to connect with people who are or have actually been in your life, or to share that tweet or Instagram picture so someone who you have no idea on what they look like or who they truly are. I hope that you choose to connect with the people that have been in your life and continue to connect with them, so you don't have to wonder what happened to your friendship 40 years down the road when time has taken away another person that shaped your life.

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